Volunteers prepare to hand out medals 4/8/2014


Thank You Volunteers! 

Thank you to all the Volunteers that participated in making Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon and Family Fun Run supported by Coca Cola such a success! Your energy and positive attitude throughout the whole weekend was great! We hope to have you with us next year!


Calling all Volunteers for 2015!

Help support your community, as well as thousands of runners by volunteering for the Dublin Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. With 100’s of positions available there is a spot for everyone, including teams, corporate groups, or just friends and family.

Volunteer opportunities are available for day at the water and medical stations on the route, and at the start and finish line. All volunteers receive a Race Crew T-shirt.

Water Station Crew, Route Marshalls, Gear Check / Baggage Assistants, T-Shirt Distribution, Medal Distribution. All volunteers receive a full briefing prior to the event. You will also receive a Race Crew T-Shirt and lunch.

If you or your community group can support us – please email volunteersDUB@competitorgroup.com or call 01925571764

Volunteer Roles Available

There are various roles for volunteers. These include:

  • Course marshall
  • Water Station helper
  • Start and finish area helper

Plus some more supervisory roles:

  • Sector supervisor
  • Water Station Captain
  • Race Registration supervisor

Age limitation

The minimum age for individual volunteers is 18years on the road.
15years old for marshals in the park and drink stations.

Description of roles

Course Marshal 

A marshall is allocated a position on the course, and wears a high visibility bib at all times. He/she has to perform the following duties

Be a visible presence for runners, pedestrians, spectators and motorists.

Ensure the well being of runners, spectators and general public.

Encourage the runners with a smile, a clap and a cheer.

Ensure the runners are directed correctly along the race path, and they stay within any coned-off areas.

Ensure pedestrians do not come into contact with runners, by informing them of the race, and perhaps guiding them across the runners path during convenient breaks. 

Guide runners whilst warning the public so that the two do not come into conflict with each other. Give clear unambiguous direction to approaching runners.

Support the neighbouring Course Marshals.

Inform your Sector supervisor or Race Control if you have a problem or require medical attention for a runner. A card with all relevent phone numbers will be provided. The marshall should be in communication with their Sector supervisor by mobile phone, in order to inform the supervisor of any problems. Therefore the marshall should take their mobile phone with them. The supervisor will ask for the number,  and will give the marshall his/her mobile number. Not having a mobile phone does NOT mean the person cannot marshall – alternative communication links can be established.

Stay at your post until discharged by the Sector supervisor.

Dont get into conflict.  If any problems exist, inform the Sector supervisor or Race Control.

Transport will be provided to and from your marshalling area if required

Enjoy the day- it can be a very rewarding experience !

Start/ Finish Area marshal

These marshalls will be required to do various tasks , as directed by the Start / Finish manager.  It can mean directing runners and the public. It can mean ensuring the runners and the public are kept apart.
It can mean the moving of barriers as the race day ensues. Because of this , it needs volunteers who are physically able to move quickly, interface verbally with the public, and pick up and move barriers (5-10kg).

Water Station helper

These volunteers help distribute water at the water stations. They will either be removing the bottles from packaging,  or taking the tops off the water bottles, or handing the opened bottles to runners. They will also be expected to help pick up all the discarded bottles, empty any contents, and place the bottles into refuse sacks.

There is usually a peak period when many of the runners arrive, so it can be a bit hectic then.

Some helpers may also help to distribute energy gel sachets to runners.

Transport will be provided to/ from your water station if required.

Start and Finish area helper 

Prior to race start, the volunteers will help guide runners, check they are in the correct corrals, receive and store bags and many other duties

After the runners finish, people are needed to hand out  medals, refreshments, assist medal engraving, baggage return and other such duties. Some opening and carrying of low weight items may be needed.

All volunteers receive a full briefing prior to the event. You will also receive a Race Crew T-Shirt and lunch.

If you or your community group can support us – please email volunteersDUB@competitorgroup.com or call 01925571764


Thank you to all our 2013 Volunteers! The event would not have been possible without you!!



Half Marathon
Start Time: 8:30 am
Start: North Wall Quay & Castleforbes Road
Finish: Chesterfield Avenue, Phoenix Park
Fun Run
Start Time: 11:45 am
Time Limit: 3 1/2 hours
Start: Chesterfield Avenue, Phoenix Park
Finish: Chesterfield Avenue, Phoenix Park



31 July – 1 August 2015
Location: RDS – Serpentine Hall, Dublin
Date: 31 July & 1 August 2015
Expo Hours: 11am-5pm Friday & Saturday